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Kellie Reinhardt Horsemanship

Already established, Kellie was looking to move her business into the future and add a paid content platform and allow her clients to book online.

The Backstory:

Kellie Reinhardt Horsemanship & Barrel Racing is an experienced clinician based in Queensland, Australia. I met Kellie after attending one of her clinics in 2019. Through discussions, it was clear that Kellie was looking to accelerate her business by allowing her clients to use an online booking platform to book into her clinics as well as give her the ability to provide paid content to her clients as an additional revenue raiser for her business.

Kellie had no online presence apart from social media, which was doing really well. Through discussions with Kellie, we were able to find a solution that included a new website, online store, booking platform and paid client portal for her to grow her content.

“Thanks to Mr Noble Media, my small business has absolutely exceeded my expectations of how successful it was actually going to be. Whilst it is only small, Brad has helped me develop everything in such a professional manner that my website offers a corporate experience. Very professional, friendly service, and to quality for your money!”

- Kellie Reinhardt

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